Category: Wellness

Personalised Color Therapy™

Make space for color in your life. Amongst the many services we offer one of the most exciting is Personalised Color Therapy™. The ultimate Complementary Therapy Personalised Color Therapy™ is completely non-invasive and completely safe to use by… Read More

Regression Therapy

Rediscover your Wellness. We believe that past lives are, in turn, one of the keys to wellness. By understanding forgotten experiences, especially across the multiple lives that a soul transitions, we can unearth root causes to problems minor… Read More

Hydro and Aqua Therapy

Water is the source of life. The most ancient peoples of the world knew and understood this intimately and, here at Healthy-In, we understand this too. We can offer the most advanced Hydro and Aqua therapy facilities in… Read More

Health & Wellness

At Healthy In… wellness is the key. We’re sold on the belief that a better, longer, fuller life comes from embracing inner peace and beauty. Past, present and future, we have held this vision for personal fulfilment of… Read More